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About Joshua

Read about Joshua's story, and how he came into his gift.

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A reading can change how we think about things, Joshua's readings are to connect you to information that is only for you. While connecting to your loved ones and Spirit Guides.

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Radio Archives.

Joshua has been on numerous amount of radio stations showing his evidential mediumship. Joshua brings his humblness and gratitude to every reading. Listen to the shows he's already done.

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Where you can find the next radio station, group reading, or even he will be at. As well as any classes.

I will never forget the day I met Joshua. He came to my group home to do training, as he just got hired. I remember seeing him and thinking to myself, he is special and will play a big role in my life. Joshua approached me and asked if he.could speak with me in private when I had a moment, we went into my office and thats where I experienced only a small piece of the gift he has. He told.me that my mom was with me and is always with me and proud of me. But it wasnt until a few months later that we finished our reading and that's when i got some of the answers id been searching for, for years. Joshua was able to tell me things that only I would know, he helped heal a huge hole in my heart. However, it doesn't end there! Joshua has been able to communicate with my grandmother and close friend which in both readings gave me closure and was able to tell details that theres no way he would have ever known. Joshua isnt just a Medium, he is my mentor and close friend who I have watched grow and develop into a respected young man with a heart of gold and a gift that is unbelievable.